Design lead for UX/UI of the LIFE app, an intermittent fasting tracker. Also responsible for overall branding, which included the logo, marketing materials and websites.

Worked closely with mobile developers and C-level team to assure alignment and communication through the entire product design process.


We applied a “Lean” process where we are building in short bursts, and then release and gather feedback in many iterations. This allows us to gather data and feedback as early as possible and base our next iteration off of real data and feedback the further we go along.

Think, Make, Design - rinse and repeat

On each iteration we implement the “Think (strategy / research) - Make (design / development) - Check (measure / test / iterate)” approach.

Goal of this app is to allow users to quickly and easily start and end their fast, manage fasting history and socialize with their friends and family.


Ease of use was achieved by designing the flow so the user would be able to quickly start a fast once they have logged in - without distraction or friction.

For socialization, we created the concept of LIFE Circles, which is a way for a user to invite family or friends into a group so you can easily track their fasts and give feedback and encouragement.

All this is visible and accessible from the main screen in a cohesive and intuitive way



Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.38.35 PM.png

Marketing website design and development in Wordpress. Part if a larger website ( with a goal of giving users quick access to download the iOS and Android versions of the app.